License fees

TripppleBusiness and TripppleCare year 1:                   € 1,495.
TripppleBusiness and TripppleCare as of year 2:          €    295,-

The license fee in year 1 includes an online training session by TripppleAcademy.
Prices are excluding 21% VAT.

The cost for a multi-site license (a holding with multiple labels): on request.

Constantis is looking for partners
At this point in time, the tools of the Trippple-approach are in Dutch only. We are looking forward to working together with (foreign) partners to develop our toolkits in other languages as well. Please contact us, we will be happy to explore the opportunities.

Click on the link below and get inspired by the workshop on TripppleCare we did with the ISO 26000 Stakeholders Global Network.

Peer learning workshops