Constantis is a network organisation that collaborates with a large number of business partners.

Lex Eschauzier

Sustainability has always been an important theme in Lex Eschauzier’s personal and professional life. As a member of the management teams of various commercial and social organisations, he acquired the knowledge and experience needed to provide companies with specific advice on ensuring the sustainability of their business operations. Accustomed to thinking outside the box and bringing talented people together, in 2012 he decided to set up Constantis. Constantis is where all of his expertise in CSR, business administration, international marketing and corporate communications comes together organically. Lex Eschauzier has a background in business administration (MBA) and marketing (MSc at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam), supplemented by a postdoc course in Corporate Social responsibility at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.
Lex has been a member of several ISO Mirror Committees in The Netherlands.

Constantis works closely with several partners, each of whom contributes their specific expertise to realise the sustainability ambitions of organisations.