Constantis boosts the effectiveness of SMEs

How does your SME remain a reliable partner for your business relations? How do you retain talented employees in your company? How can you improve quality and save costs? For us, one thing is clear: sustainable business operations are needed in order to prepare for the demands of the future.

As an SME, you want to report on the issues that are important (material) for you and your major stakeholders. This attention to materiality makes your sustainable communications relevant, credible and user-friendly. And it enables your company to better inform markets and society about your sustainable strategy.

Depending on the size and nature of your company, you can choose between reporting according to the ISO 26000 guidelines or the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI-G4 (core option). Whatever you choose, it’s all about providing valuable information about the most important CSR-related issues, including:

  • Influence on social issues such as employees, customers, local residents and suppliers;
  • Impact on the environment, on business operations and on the products and services that you supply;
  • Governance: how the company organises itself with a view to the longer term.

Constantis helps SMEs to develop a tailor-made sustainable strategy. Meet Constantis.