Sustainable education
By 2050, the population of the world will have risen to nine billion, all of whom will consume increasingly more raw materials. There is a threat of food, water and energy shortages. Suitable solutions are needed urgently. What does this mean for educational institutions? It means that they will have to integrate sustainability into their curriculums and that like every other organisation they will have to switch to socially responsible operation.

Schools and universities train the managers and policy-makers of tomorrow. It’s essentially important that they learn to develop sustainable solutions for these challenges, and others. And this is a role that increasingly more schools and universities recognise.

Constantis’ TripppleEducation approach is structured according to the internally recognised ISO 26000 CSR guideline. We have enriched this guideline with education-specific elements using the AISHE tool (Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education), tailored to the strategic challenges with which educational institutions are faced.

The AISHE tool is based on the quality management model of the European Foundation for Quality Management) (EFQM) and the INK model (Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit).

TrippleEducation helps schools to educate sustainably. Meet Constantis.

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