TripppleCare, the rewards of sustainable care
Healthcare is about a careful balance between the welfare of people (people), a healthy living environment (planet) and a healthy business model (prosperity). As a consultancy for sustainable strategy, Constantis helps healthcare institutions to better realize their goals with regard to these three pillars.

Adopt an integrated sustainable strategy
A meaningful life for patients and clients. Better collaboration within the care chain. The challenges of e-health. Staff shortages. Waste problems. Energy consumption. Rising costs. All issues for which healthcare organisations need to find solutions. We see promising results in some areas. But real gain can be achieved from an integrated sustainability policy, as advocated by Constantis’ TripppleCare-approach. A tested approach to CSR which strengthens the effectiveness of your overall business operations.

The TripppleCare approach integrates the sustainability standards: European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), the ISO 26000 CSR guideline, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and GRI into one logical sustainable business model.

TripppleCare-toolkit, your digital workshop for sustainable healthcare
The TripppleCare-toolkit offers dozens of practical tools for the implementation of an integrated CSR-strategy. These include sustainable business models, scans, a sustainable strategy roadmap, workbook, inspiration box, running notes for workshops for clients and employees, audits for sustainable purchasing and sustainable HRM policy, CSR scorecard for suppliers, presentations and templates for sustainability reporting.

Get started with the TripppleCare-approach today and achieve the following concrete results:

  • Gain insight into where you stand on CSR
  • Develop an integral sustainable strategy with ISO 26000 and the SDGs
  • Set up a structure for the implementation of CSR within your organization, ensure progress
  • Inspire and facilitate all patients, clients and employees with workshops
  • Involve your stakeholders and obtain their support
  • Set up a strategy for sustainable procurement
  • Challenge your suppliers to make the value chain more sustainable together
  • Remain an attractive employer through sustainable HRM
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint
  • Integrate circularity within your business operations
  • Publish your CSR report based on ESRS, ISO 26000 self-declaration, SDGs and GRI

Newly developed tools are added to the toolkit.

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